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What’s In The Box – September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009
Hey Everybody,

What a cool night. We are so glad to get back into saner temperatures! Hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors a little more and getting ready for what looks like a beautiful fall. In your box this week:

– Mahon (aka Bradshaw) Sweet Potatoes – BIG uncured sweet taters – same deal as last time if you want to cure them
– Japanese Eggplant
– Garlic
– Purple Basil
– Zesty Salad Mix
– Sungolds
– Dill
– Slicing Tomatoes
– Sunflowers
– Bell Peppers
– Hot Banana  & Jalapeno Peppers
– Cilantro
– Bonus: Miniature Blue popcorn
Also, I guess we’re getting interviewed by the N&O tomorrow so if you see somebody you don’t know act like you really like us…thanks!
See you soon,

Em & Farrell

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