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What’s In The Box: April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

Hey Everybody, it’s the first pickup of the season!!! We can’t wait to see everyone and get things going for 2010. We went to the first Carolina Brewery market last Saturday and have been doing some neat work with students from A&T for an on-farm hoophouse study. You can come find out all about it tomorrow at the opening night celebration;) So, without further ado:

In your box this week you will find….

-Bok Choy (or Pac Choi)
-Green Onions
-Zesty Salad Mix w/ Edible Flowers

Since it’s greens season, here is one of our favorite things to do with them, and this would work with any of those listed above including the beet greens:

Raw Greens Slaw (courtesy of Em’s Mom)

Take as many greens as you want to serve and slice very thinly, almost shredded into ribbons. Toss with 1 part olive oil, 2/3 part vinegar (1/2 balsamic & 1/2 apple cider), and soy sauce and red pepper flakes to taste. Let sit for an hour or so until the dressing has slightly wilted the greens & serve. This is super easy, very tasty and a great way to get those raw-veggie nutritional benefits.

Enjoy & see you (hopefully) tomorrow night!!

Em & Farrell
Dutch Buffalo Farm

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