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What’s in the Box, 7/9/10

July 9, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re having a good week so far, and staying cool. This is a picture of our friend, neighbor and veggie-washer extraordinaire, holding one of the biggest garlic bulbs we’ve ever grown. We thought it appropriate in light of the new Twilight movie. Just doing our small part to keep vampires away from the teens of Chatham County…

In your box this week you will find:

Sungold Tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Summer Spinach
Fingerling Potatoes
Green Zebra Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Magda Coosa Squash

This is a VERY simple recipe but is a summer treat that should not be missed. One of our members shared this dish with us the other night and we would be remiss in not reminding everyone of the joys of the Caprese Salad: both the Green Zebras and the Romas are excellent sliced, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and served with fresh mozzarella, shredded basil and crusty bread.

Enjoy the veggies and we’ll see you soon,

Em & Farrell
Dutch Buffalo Farm

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