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What’s in the Box, 7/30/10

July 30, 2010

Hi all,

What a rain! We got just shy of three inches in the gauge; needless to say everyone is considerably perkier. Still have lots of Romas for the canning, so to quote Farrell, “If you can, do.” Just ask about it when you pick up your box. Also let us know if you would like extra basil, we know there are some pesto-lovers out there.

Bulk items aside, in your box this week you will find:

Sungold Tomatoes
Celebrity Slicing Tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Purple Hull Cowpeas
Russet Potatoes
Jalapenos (~a sampling~)
Green Zebra Tomatoes

If you just can’t get enough Dutch Buffalo tomatoes (or want someone else to prepare them for you!) you can always visit one of the great local businesses that are using them. Angelina’s Kitchen, Chatham Marketplace and The City Tap are all doing delicious things with our Romas, Celebrities and Green Zebras, so give them a try if you get a chance. And if you haven’t run out of steam in your own kitchen, here’s a threesome of tomato recipes from Edible Piedmont’s last summer issue.

Enjoy the veggies and we’ll see you soon,

Em & Farrell
Dutch Buffalo Farm

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